How do you become a Tokenomics expert?

August 1, 2023

How do you become a Tokenomics expert?

Tokenomics is one of the hottest areas of web3. Linking data and utility to finance and money through a token is without doubt one of the biggest innovations web3 has brought to the table. This is one of the reasons why having a tokenomics expert as part of a web3 project is critical and probably why you’re interested in the topic!

In this article I want to cover the resources and steps that will set you along the way of becoming a Tokenomics expert:

  1. What makes a good tokenomics expert
  2. The core curriculum you’ll need to know
  3. Some best resources you can start exploring

What makes a good tokenomics expert?

Tokenomics is a topic that fuses many different sectors and bodies of information. It requires one to fuse these different topics into a coherent, complex adaptive system that works together with a specific business use case. As such it requires to be a first principal thinker, with the capability to understand and grasp both the social sciences and mathematical models.

Last but not least, putting tokenomics into practice, together with the technical and business teams in a company, requires the ability to collaborate and communicate clearly. All in all, not the easiest of positions to do well!

What topics does a tokenomics expert need to know?

To quote from “The complete tokenomics course syllabus”:

“Tokenomics incorporates many, many, different domains. It’s a domain that tries to bridge technological systems, economic systems, human psychology and politics.”

So what goes into that syllabus? A lot:

  • Political science: governance, human behavior theory and philosophy.
  • Game design & game theory.
  • Economics: modeling, supply and demand evaluation and econometrics.
  • Finance: Opportunity cost, business evaluation, investing.
  • Financial history: There’s (almost) nothing new under the sun. It’s good to know what’s worked and what’s failed in the past.
  • Blockchain and cryptography: smart contracts, consensus mechanisms.

If these topics fascinate you and you think you’re the right combination of a multi disciplinarian interested in the humanities, mathematical modeling, programing and cryptography and product and project management — here are the resources to get you started!

The complete tokenomics course guide on
The complete tokenomics course guide on Designing Tokenomics

Resources to become a tokenomics expert

If you’ve made it this far, here are some resources I recommend to get started:

  1. Designing Tokenomics email course: a 14 day free email course that walks through the reasons behind launching a token, understanding supply and demand and some key mistakes to avoid when you launch as well as how to evaluate projects.
  2. Designing Tokenomics hub: articles, blogs and all things on tokenomics
  3. Matty’s tokenomics guide: covers tokenomics from end to end
  4. Tokens but how: A podcast that tries to understand in depth, when you need a token and what benefit it really brings.

Each of these resources link to many other ones and should get you well on your way to becoming a tokenomics expert!

Designing Tokenomics by Yosh Zlotogorski