Crypto & Web3 Podcasts to listen to

September 3, 2023

30 top crypto and web3 podcasts

Every week I listen to ~20 different podcasts to stay up to date on what’s happening in the crypto, web3, NFT, gaming and tokenomics landscape. I’ve found podcasts to be a great way to consume ideas, find leads, research directions and get inspiration on what works and doesn’t work in the space.

Sifting through so many podcasts though can be a challenge, so here’s a list of 30+ podcasts that are worth having on your radar.

How to: best way to search is simply ctrl+F and search for keywords to find the right podcast.

Crypto and web3 podcasts to listen to
Crypto and web3 podcasts to listen to

List of Web3 & Crypto podcasts to listen to

  1. Uncommon Core: Hasu and Jon Charbonneau dive deeply into infrastructure topics
  2. Bell Curve: Seasons on in depth topics (mainly infrastructure focused) and weekly recaps on crypto news.
  3. Invest in Music: Web3 music
  4. Boys Club podcast: The Boys Club DAO podcast is a short discussion on topics of the day mixed with the experience of founders building the DAO.
  5. Citadel Dispatch: Matt Odell on Bitcoin and freedom tech.
  6. The Edge: Defi Dad on different crypto and defi related topics
  7. 0xResearch: Blockworks Media’s more in depth research podcast
  8. Game Economist Cast: discussions on game economies including web3 and web2 games.
  9. I Pledge Allegiance: Long form conversations on governance, infrastructure and founder discussions
  10. Web3 Breakdowns: 45 minute conversations on different topics in web3
  11. Economics Design: Podcast focused on tokenomics and game and economy design.
  12. Good Game: Long discussions on different topics in crypto, gaming and economics with a traders angle
  13. Steady Lads: Weekly recap discussions on different topics in crypto with a trader and hedge fund/market maker angle.
  14. Lightspeed: Weekly recaps and in depth discussions on the Solana ecosystem
  15. Empire: Discussions and weekly recaps on crypto and web3 topics
  16. Unchained: Weekly interviews and news on different crypto and regulatory topics
  17. Ethereum Audible: Read throughs and breakdowns of web3 and Ethereum related whitepapers and articles
  18. Epicenter: In depth discussions on all things crypto and web3
  19. What is money: Discussions on macro economy, money and why Bitcoin is the cure for it
  20. On the brink: The Castle Island Ventures team interviews themselves and others from the crypto space, including projects, regulatory issues and deep dives.
  21. What Bitcoin did: Long form discussions on Bitcoin and society
  22. Zero Knowledge: Exploring L1s, ZK Proofs and projects related to both topics
  23. Bankless: Discussions, interviews and weekly recaps about Ethereum and a bank-less journey
  24. The Delphi Podcast: Discussions on different topics in web3 from the Delphi labs team
  25. Blockchain Gaming World: Gaming discussions and project interviews
  26. Zima Red: Gaming and NFT discussions and project interviews
  27. On the Margin: Macro economy discussions with a crypto angle
  28. Tascha Labs: Macro economy and crypto trading focused podcast
  29. On the Other Side: Governance and societal focused discussions in web3
  30. DAOn the Rabbit Hole: All things DAOs
  31. Tokens but how: No longer active, but season one covered really good skeptical discussions on why projects need tokens and tokenomics.
  32. The Runebase Podcast: Thorchain spaces.
  33. Proof of Decentralization: In depth conversations about how decentralized projects actually are. No longer active.

What are the podcasts I missed? Let me know @yehoshzl on Twitter/Farcaster.

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