Creator Tokenomics Template

Creator Tokenomics Template


Tokenomics template for creators

Below is a template for you to think about how to design your tokenomics as a creator or small brand. Here is a filled out example.

Part 1: Analysis

  1. Creator business: business name.
  2. About: fill out who you are and what you do.
  3. Goal: What is the goal you’re trying to achieve with your tokenomics? You could be looking to grow your users, their engagement or the revenue you earn.
  4. The Growth-incentive fit matrix: Fill out what you can offer based on what you’re looking for. For a full guide on it you can read part 1, 2 and 3 of my series on creator tokenomics.
    1. Part 2: Program

    2. Constraints you have: Do you have constraints on your time? Money? Equity? What can you not offer?
    3. Strengths you can leverage: Do you have something you can offer that fans and customers value highly but costs you little? What are you extremely good at that you can leverage?
Creator tokenomics template
Creator tokenomics template
  1. How you’ll reward customers: What are the tangible things you’ll offer? how valuable are they?
  2. Write down all the ways you can reward customers. Are your rewards compelling? If not, you should consider strengthening the value by partnering with other creators or offering something more compelling.


Part 3: Tokenomics Structure

Decide on your tokenomics structure: Will you use NFTs or fungible tokens to represent value and keep track of customer engagement? Do you plan for your token to be traded freely or not? How many actions does someone have to take to be rewarded?

A sample tokenomics structure
A sample tokenomics structure

I design tokenomics for crypto protocols and am putting everything I’m learning into a super in depth Tokenomics course.

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Designing Tokenomics by Yosh Zlotogorski