When to launch a token checklist

When to launch a token checklist

September 19, 2023

Your checklist for when to launch a token

Figuring out when to launch a token is a critical part to your product roadmap and tokenomics. Here's a brief checklist of what to go through step-by-step, so that you'll be sure you're ready. For the full article on when to launch your token you can read here.

Checklist: When is the Right Time to Launch a Token?

  1. Business goals
  2. Do you know what your token does and why you need it? Not every token has a real reason for existing.
    How critical is your token is to your product: Does it need to be launched immediately or can it be launched at a later date?
  3. Have you designed your tokenomics?
  4. Are your tokenomics ready? Have you modeled your agents, token supply and demand?
    Have you modeled externalities and your economy?
    Ensure you have the resources to manage all the moving parts of a token launch, including modeling your token, creating smart contracts, managing legal aspects, token distribution and emissions, and managing liquidity on exchanges.
  5. Are the external factors for your token launch ready?
  6. Fundraising: If your token serves a business goal that needs to be achieved immediately, such as fundraising, you'll need to launch sooner.
    Consider Market Conditions

Checklist: When is the right time to launch your token?

By following this checklist you'll be able to know whether you're ready to launch your token. Launching a token is complex. Make sure you can review this checklist and answer all the above questions sufficiently.

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