Tokenomics design template

Tokenomics design template


Tokenomics design template

So you want to launch a token and are lost on where to start? Here’s the tokenomics template checklist for designing your tokenomics from start to finish. For a detailed breakdown, check out my article here.

You can duplicate this tokenomics checklist template in Notion here.

Figuring out your business

🛠 To Do:

Market analysis
Product requirements
Marketing strategy
Financial & operational plan
Value chain
Tip: there are lots of tried and true business plan and product mapping tools. For example: Lean startup canvas, Product Requirements business plans

Understanding why you need a token

🛠 To Do:

What purpose is your token serving?
What business goal is your token contributing to?
Can you do these without a token? Is a token a true value add?
Tip: There are 7 main reasons for tokens, be honest with yourself on why you’re using yours.

Building your token model

🛠 To Do:

List the stakeholders in your ecosystem
Chart the relationships between them
Plug your token into the model
Figure out the inputs and outputs for your token
Review regulatory concerns
Tip: helpful frameworks to use include complex systems design, mechanism design, user research.

Tuning the supply and demand dynamics of your token

🛠 To Do:


How does demand change over time? Is there seasonality? A different growth rate?
What is the growth curve for your token and product?


What are the sources of supply?
How does the supply change over time?
Who will have an outsized affect on your tokens and when?

Cross reference supply & Demand:

Cross reference the supply and demand characteristics to pinpoint tricky periods of imbalance.
Make sure your token has enough supply to match forecasted demand but avoids a supply glut.
Tip: Having good financial models forecasting growth and usage are important but since most models aren’t accurate, having a flexible, anti-fragile system with an understanding of what drives the model is more important.

Token and business review

🛠 To Do:

What constraints does the business have on the token supply?
How does the tokenomics uniquely contribute to the business goals?
Cross reference business goals and timeline with tokenomics.
Tip: Align with stakeholders early.

Token liquidity

🛠 To Do:

How much liquidity will you need to provide?
Where will your token be listed? What DEXs or CEXs? Each have different advantages and disadvantages.
Token launch!

I design tokenomics for crypto protocols (all still in launch phase) and am putting everything I’m learning into a super in depth course on Tokenomics. If you’re interested in my free email course on tokenomics, sign up here!

Designing Tokenomics by Yosh Zlotogorski


I design tokenomics for crypto protocols and am putting everything I’m learning into a super in depth Tokenomics course.

If you’re interested in my free email tokenomics course sign up!